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$78,224.01* AWARDED 

Navy Veteran with Agent Orange Exposure

Initially denied benefits, a Navy Veteran who served his country honorably in Vietnam received some justice. After attending a Board of Veterans hearing, the veteran was granted Myocardial infarction with shortness of breath and enlarged heart at 100% with entitlement to special monthly compensation due to housebound criteria, effective 2014.

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$49,863.00* AWARDED

Air Force Veteran with Agent Orange Exposure

Originally denied benefits, a Vietnam Air Force Veteran who served his country with honor and distinction was awarded a 100% disability rating for Coronary Artery Disease, as well as a 30% disability rating for anxiety, all associated with service connected Agent Orange exposure.

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*Amounts stated are before deductions for attorney’s fees and payment of costs.

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The Veterans Administration (VA) gives you Limited Time (time frames vary by case) to appeal their decision, so it is important to act fast and secure the help of an attorney or veterans representative. The Legal Team at Injured Veterans provides quality legal help for veterans and their families in all federal veteran benefits matters. Our practice involves representing veterans and their dependents in appeals of denial of benefits from the Department of Veterans Affairs.

IMPORTANT: If you suffer from a condition that is secondary to a service connected condition, you are entitled to additional compensation. It is not uncommon for symptoms of a service connected injury or illness to appear years, if not decades, after a veteran’s service has ended.

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    * Please note: We are generally not able to help those who have been dishonorably discharged.

    Suffering from a condition that is Secondary to a Service Connected Condition?

    The Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) offers health registry exams, healthcare and disability compensation for veterans discharged under conditions other than dishonorable, as well as other benefits to eligible veterans exposed to Agent Orange; dependents and survivors of these veterans may also be eligible.

    The health registry is a free, voluntary medical exam to track health concerns of veterans who may have been exposed to Agent Orange, with no need to enroll in the VA healthcare system to take part.

    The four-part examination includes:
    1.) An exposure history;
    2.) Medical History;
    3.) Laboratory tests, such as blood chemicals, chest x-ray and urinalysis;
    4.) A physical examination of 21 body parts, with a focus on the systems most commonly affected by toxic chemicals: the liver; kidneys; skin and reproductive endocrinology; immunological and nervous systems.

    To participate in healthcare provided by the VA the veteran must be enrolled in the VA healthcare system and may qualify by: having served in Vietnam between January 8, 1962 and May 7, 1995; have a military service-connected disability; or meet certain income criteria.

    If your claim was denied outright or if you received a low rating that you do not agree with, regardless if it was a Secondary Condition, then Injured Veterans is here to help you. We represent veterans nationwide and our law firm, Gordon & Partners, P.A., has a comprehensive legal team standing by to take your call.

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