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Department of Veterans Affairs Medical Center in West Palm Beach, FL Investigated by Local CBS12 News

November 12, 2018 – A local news station in West Palm Beach, WPEC CBS12, just completed a thorough six-month long investigation into the conditions of the local VA Medical Center. Their findings are a disgrace to the honorable men and women who pledged their service to our country and who deserve to be treated with dignity and respect.

In March of this year, Long Term Care Institute inspectors cited the West Palm Beach VA staff several times for neglecting their patients. Those documents show that inspectors cited staff for neglecting residents for hours while they sat in soiled sheets, a bloodied boot, and with bedsores. In one particular incident, the report noted that staff neglected to medicate a patient writhing in pain during dressing changes and wound treatment.

The CBS12 investigative team uncovered risks of cross contamination, due to unsanitary room conditions, and medical attire, such as aprons and gloves, not being used according to the Center for Disease Control’s regulations.

Biohazardous trash bags improperly disposed of or just left open, allegedly in a food storage area on one occasion.

“We do not have a problem with cross contamination in this building,” said Kevin Stack, Chief of Environmental Management Services.

When CBS12 asked Mr. Stack if he thinks it’s a conflict for biohazardous material to be so close to condiments and to plates, he said “No.”

We urge all veterans and their families to thoroughly check out any VA Medical Center before being admitted. Please do your homework and ask other veterans in your community or feel free to give us a call (888) 231-9144. We are a nationwide law firm and have worked with veterans all across our country get the benefits they deserve.

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